Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Friday, November 2, 2012

artist at work!

 8X10 oil on canvas
finised painting
of susan moss cooper
i think this was posted before but i did a few more layers with a new knife a la
mr. john cook
and i think it is better
it will be at the highland park presbyterian church "art wall"
along with the tutti i lunedi artists
we paint dallas land marks and one day when we were painting the church

we were asked if we would consider putting some of our paintings in their

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looking out the window at signs

this was a "plain air" painting done inside
looking out the window at fisherman's wharf
it was quick draw at a port aransas paintout
wind about 28 miles per hour
and 45 degrees
SO…. we asked the owner if we could paint inside looking out
we will only have them clean our fish in the future
thank you

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orphan's chapel on highest dune

painted this in port aransas, texas

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