Thursday, January 20, 2011

baba's coffee shop

Posted by Picasa8x10  oil on canvas
 my grandson
and his wife were in amsterdam over
new year's eve 2011 and took this picture.
 my nickname is "baba"


  1. This is very nice with a good design and lovely colors. Your painting really expresses cold. I can see this coffee shop getting lots of business.

    How funny that this is your grandmother name and also a coffee shop! Love it!

  2. This is a lovely painting. Great composition. You did a nice job of handling all the whites. Love the glow of light from within the shop. Wow, what are the chances of finding a coffee shop named "Baba"?

  3. Dear BaBa, Thank goodness you are not called GaGa like my poor friend, Peggy. They have ruined a perfectly good grandmother name with all this Lady GaGa in the Egg, etc. I love your paintings, and I love you, too. Come see me again soon. S

  4. I like the use of darks and it is a very interesting perspective too. It has a big sense of movement with the figure kind of walking through it. I like!