Thursday, January 13, 2011

6 north street boston

Posted by PicasaI took a long time wandering
around boston looking at
locations. This one was
one of many I wanted to paint
but I had to finally decide!
as with most of my trips, this one
was with bill guffey and his virtual
paintout group. he is a great


  1. Carolyn, I just came from FB and wanted to let you know that I really liked traveling around this great scene! Love your painting of the glass and its shadows and the perspective. That directly attached to the ochre colored bldg. makes fantastic color contrast. Love all the bright colors and the darks. Is that snow on the sidewalk? Although the Google camera doesn't show winter, IRT Boston does have sidewalks piled up right now like your palette knife shows. Pleasant, interesting, & lusciously done.

  2. ruth, thank you so much.
    my art ego needed those generous remarks.
    am having fun with the virtual painout group and with my brand new easel from jonathan coulter.

  3. WOW Miss Carolyn you have outdone yourself. This is great! Love the palette knife work or is that wonderful brush work you've done there? Very expressive piece. Just beautiful! I love this!

  4. Ma chère Carolyn, j'apprécie particulièrement votre touche de peinture et l'âme qui émane d'elle... Cette toile est très belle.
    Nous aurions peut-être pu nous rencontrer à Boston en juin 2010 ?... J'y ai pris énormément de photos. Cette ville m'a séduite et j'espère y retourner...

  5. Love those brush strokes! Great painting!

  6. love the thick application of paint - I am totally drawn back into the painting. really nice

  7. sarah, the best part of being a "virtual painter" is meeting artists on the way. thank you so much, just got back from your blog!
    great work.

  8. Love, love love the clarity and beauty of your paint. Nice texture and interest in your paintings!